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Leaders In Transition


We offer a monthly membership to our Leaders In Transition (LIT) group, which is a support and accountability group for people who are trying to navigate the challenges of being in a job transition in this competitive market. This is an exclusive peer group of similiarly experienced leaders to share leads, referrals, challenges, and solutions with; as you work to land your next big job opportunity.



Updating Resume, LinkedIn, CV

Weekly group sessions

Access to resources and market data


Peer group for support & encouragement

Executive Search Agent

As an Executive with a tenured career, you find yourself unexpectedly in a job transition. You need help finding a new company and landing your next big job opportunity. We understand this is a sensitive period, and you need confidentiality and a personal approach. You don't know how to "sell" your skills and haven't spent time nurturing a network to help you get a new job. You want to outsource the cold calling and selling and marketing to someone you can trust who can act as your Executive Search Agent, and help you find a job quickly and without hassle. As your Executive Search Agent, I will leverage my network, partners, and knowledge of the local market to find you your next dream job. I will help represent you to the best job opportunities, and help you negotiate a great compensation package and your next employer. By working together we will reduce your transition time and get you a job faster with less down time.


Let's get in touch!

We want to ensure we give each one the attention they deserve, please allow us to find the best time to speak with you about your concern. Thank you for your patience!

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