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5 Keys Points To Consider When Transitioning from Founder Driven Sales to Hiring Sales Staff

The transition from founder driven sales to hiring a sales team is a major milestone for any business. Having the right strategies and processes in place can help ensure that the transition is smooth and successful, and that the team is adequately equipped to achieve success.

Remembering to stay focused on the key points listed above can help ensure that your sales team is well positioned for success.

1. Hire a Sales Leader

As the business grows, it is important to bring in an experienced sales leader who can clarify the sales process, target customers, sales goals and ownership of the success of the sales team and drive growth. This can be a full time internal leadership position, or a fractional sales leader consultant.

2. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities for New Hires

At the leadership level, clarity around job descriptions and expectations should be made clear from the start. This will help to ensure that new hires understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as making sure they are held accountable for results. This will allow them to be part of the contribution to the company’s goals and successes.

3. Establish a Comprehensive Onboarding Process

Investing in an effective onboarding program for new sales hires can be critical in developing sales staff into successful team members and setting them up for success.

4. Embrace Sales Technology

As the team grows, leveraging a sales automation platform can be helpful in streamlining workloads and providing data insights into performance that can help inform strategy and adjust quotas.

5. Develop a Culture of Learning and Growth

Encouraging professional development opportunities for the sales staff is key to helping them develop their skills and reach greater heights in their career. This can be achieved through providing learning resources, access to mentorship programs, and offering rewards for high performance.

By investing in a strong leadership, clarifying roles and expectations, providing comprehensive onboarding programs, leveraging technology, and nurturing an environment of learning and growth, you can take your sales team to the next level.

Good luck!


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